Planning For Wine At Your Event

Vintage Special Occasion 1Below are a few things to keep in mind when planning for wine at your event:

Is Wine Allowed at the Venue?

Confirm with the location you have chosen that they allow you to bring your own wine.  If they do, you should find out if there is a corkage fee.  A corkage fee is a service charge for serving the wine, and is usually charged by-the-bottle. If the venue charges a corkage fee, you can consider using larger bottles to reduce the fee.

Do I Need a Liquor License?

You will need to apply for a Special Occasion License if you intend to serve wine outside of a LLBO-licensed establishment. Visit AGCO for details. No license is required if you intend to give the wine away as favours or parting gifts.

What Kind of Wine do I Want for my Event?

The type of wine you choose should pair well with the food you plan on serving.  We would be happy to help you select the perfect wine for your event.

How Much Wine will I Need?

It is always better to have more wine than you think you will need and extra bottles can be used at wedding-related events such as showers or bachelor parties, or, to be enjoyed at a later date.  Use the equation below to determine how many 750ml bottles you will need for your event.  Remember to exclude non-drinking guests from the count (eg. children).

# of 750ml bottles needed = (# of guests x 2 glasses per guest) / 4 glasses per bottle. Divide this by 30 to determine how many batches you'll need to brew.


Land of wine

At your next event, whether it be a wedding, reunion, or business meeting, make an impression by serving wine, or, give wine as parting gifts to commemorate the occasion!

At Vintner's Cellar Bowmanville, we strive to make your wine-making experience simple, easy, and affordable.

We will help you select your wine and quality level, calculate how much you need and will guide you through the process to ensure a stress and worry free experience.

We can host a private bottling party for your group to make your bottling experience a fun and enjoyable event for your wedding party.

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Thank you for looking after is so well Sylvia. We love the red and white wines!

Eric M,


Just finished making my wine and beer. Both are amazing… It was a lot of fun bottling my own wine J Sylvia is amazing and she helped me bottle and is such an amazing person.

Amanda G,


“Amazing experience i love it a lot. Thanks to the team dreams come true, great! I really super appreciate there approach.”

Lassy Chester,

Art Director

Best place to make your wine in Durham Region!! Great atmosphere and Sylvia makes it a pleasant experience!

Todd K,


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